We Plate Gold , Silver & Rhodium

Plating Services include : Nickel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, e-Coat, Pewter Ox and Bright Tin  

 Plate, Polish and Repair  

Extra Large Tank

Jewelry: Costume, Sterling Silver, Karat Gold and Platinum…

Musical instruments: Mouth pieces, Trumpets to Tubas ….

Tea Sets: Sterling Silver, Silver Plated or 2-Tone (gold & Silver)

Flatware: Sterling Silver, Silver Plated or 2-Tone (gold & Silver)

Time Pieces: Clocks, Watch Bands & Cases

Awards: Trophies, Medals …

Automotive: Any Part  Smaller Than A Bread Box…

Religious Pieces: Crosses, Plates and Challises ….

House Wares: Plumbing Fixtures, Knobs, Handles …


We can plate just about anything for you.

Heavy duty, super thick plating

Fast!  Most jobs are completed in 2-3 days.

No minimums

Guaranteed for life

Very affordable


 Over 20 years experience making the dull and tarnished look new.

  When jewelers need heavy duty plating on their customers fine jewelry, they come to us!

  Make your dull and tarnished jewelry look new again. Change the color of your jewelry from yellow to white.

Do you have a yellow gold ring that you would like to be white gold?

You can buy a new ring mounting for $300-$800 or Rhodium plate it for $50.

  On any given day we may Rhodium plate a $10,000 diamond ring and gold plate 50 door handles. Local jewelers trust us with their customers' fine diamond jewelry. Why? Because we are super reliable and have been in the business for over 20 years. Of course, we always use a 6 ’ jewelers vault for the safe keeping of valuable goods.